Will fishing be permitted inside the wind farm?

    We believe that many types of fishing – including all recreational fishing – can occur in an operational wind farm. In fact, we know from looking at other offshore wind projects around the world that it is possible, but every country has its own regulations.

    Find more: Fishing and offshore wind fact sheet

    Will I be able to navigate my boat between turbines?

    Assuming government regulations permit boats and fishing in the wind farm, we expect there would be plenty of space for vessels to travel through. Typical layouts allow around 1km between turbines and more space between the turbine rows.

    When does construction start?

    It’s still very early days for the project – if everything went right with our studies, approvals and business case, the earliest construction could start is around 2023 (although that is an ambitious timeframe for what is potentially such a big project). If we met this date, we could start to generate power in 2025 building up to full power by 2027.

    Who's involved in investigating and developing the project?

    The Star of the South is a private company comprised of Australian founders and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) – a global leader in offshore wind.

    Members of our team have worked in the Australian energy and global offshore wind industries for many years.

    Australia doesn’t currently have any offshore wind farms, so we are really lucky to have CIP on board – CIP is one of the world’s leading infrastructure funds, with significant experience in offshore wind. 

    What are wind conditions like off the Gippsland coast?

    Our wind and wave monitoring equipment has been in place since late 2019 and so far shows good wind conditions in the project Licence Area, consistent with historical data from the Bureau of Meteorology.